Mock Exam Q2

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Mock Exam Q2

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Your project involves the construction of a temporary concrete road. The road is expected to be in use for 6 months before it gets demolished. You have completed the laying of the temporary concrete road. But, the customer specification states that you have to wait for 28 days before using the road. Which of the following relationships most likely represents the relationship of the start of the use of the road to the completion of the construction of the road?

1.Finish-to-start with a 28 days lead
2.Finish-to-finish with a 6 months lag
3.Finish-to-start with a 28 days lag
4.Start-to-finish with a 28 days lag

Please provide your answer with justification. Justifying your answer with explanation helps you to remember the concept and also help others to understand. Thanks.

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